Retirement Planning

Generally speaking most 401k plans have the same objective serving as a retirement savings plan for employees. There are many different 401k plan models that help to accommodate the wide range of specific company needs.

Does a 401k Advisor make your life easier?

The answer is very simply yes, when you enlist the services of a Financial Advisor, you can gain valuable and time saving resources that can help you to develop and maintain a solid strategy. You will also receive important one on one personalized attention at the level you want and need. It is our goal to have a win-win relationship. We would like to focus on meeting your needs, and expectations. Earning your trust and having you be an advocate for our 401k Advisory Services.

What do you expect from your 401k Advisor?

A knowledgeable 401k Advisor is a lot like a coach,continually coordinating the work of those with experience in each area. Since you as the employer have the overall responsibility for the various plan functions, it is important that you select an advisor who can manage the whole plan for you.

Components of a successful plan:

A 401k plan has many moving parts that must run smoothly and meet the needs of the company sponsoring the plan. Each component is critical therefore,the format has to be consistent with the organizations expectations. As your 401k advisor it is my role to help you set reasonable expectations, select the plan that best fits your companys' needs, then help you manage all of the components on an ongoing basis to help ensure your plan is successful.

Why should you choose Cornerstone Wealth Management:

The Financial Consultants at Cornerstone Wealth Management takes an overall objective view and is fully independent in making our recommendations to you. We do not offer an “In-House” 401k Plan so there is no value for us to sell you one specific product. We will virtually work with all the different products and vendors in the 401K market, to help ensure we find the best fit for you at the right cost and plan choices.

There are many factors that go into in the selection of a 401k provider. Each employer has specific needs and objectives that are important in making this decision. Chris Stutes specializes in helping companies coordinate the components that go into assuring that the correct provider is chosen for your company, and we will then continue to support the plans components and processes on an ongoing basis. Our goal is to build a long term relationship with you, as well as your company and its employees.


  • A qualified plan offered by an employer that allows an employee to contribute tax deferred dollars to a retirement account, a variety of employers will match the contribution up to a certain percentage.

Business/group plans

  • 401k
  • Simple IRA
  • 403b
  • 457
  • Rollovers

Individual Plans

  • Traditional IRA
  • Roth IRA
  • Roll-Overs